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Academic Catch and Its Affect on You

For those who attend a University and get a degree only 16% in ten years after graduation will be using any of that knowledge in their careers or even be in that industry anymore. More over a fast moving technological field generally makes a 10-year old degree rather worthless, as the new technology hyperspaces anything you learned in the school.Even worse the average College Graduate stays at their employment only 3.2 years and then skips around after that changing jobs. What is interesting is that you usually need a college degree to work in a Corporation as a good position, yet you most likely will not be using that knowledge? Some might say well that seems like extortion in that you have to pay to go to college just to get a good job, but the subject you studied in school is irrelevant, thus why go in the first place?.Rather interesting isn't it? Indeed and others say well those who go to college and get a degree have proven that they can do what they say and finish what they start? Good point, but it seems there are many other ways to prove that than going to college and paying tens of thousands of dollars studying to learn information you will never use again?.

Why not ask everyone to train and run a marathon and hire those who finish and keep going as expected for instance. In any case consider this backwards thinking of our colleges and corporations and their philosophy behind it. Think on this in 2006.

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Technical Training

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