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Accelerating Bonding of Chemicals via Lasers

Laser Technologies have come a long way in the last five years and will be able to provide mankind with much more benefits in the future. Lasers can superheat air, chemicals, liquids or any matter and cause them to change properties, bonding and molecular alignment.They can thicken the matter and protect or strengthen material. But we are just now learning all the benefits of lasers in manufacturing and industrial uses and the more we learn the greater benefits we are indeed discovering.

Lasers can superheat the air in milliseconds, allowing for permanent changes in molecular structure.Such changes can assist in manufacturing with nanotubes, welding and bonding materials together forever or for extremely long periods, perhaps such materials could compete with rocks and stones on Earth for durability and length of time they will remain in tact.Additionally image the incredible benefits and time saving abilities to be able to bond materials together this quickly? Imagine Robotic Factories with stronger and lighter materials making our automobiles. Stronger means safer of course and lighter means better fuel economy.

Indeed the best of both worlds is soon to be here, thanks to chemical laser advances in technologies. So, consider all this in 2006 and imagine such a future.

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Technical Training

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