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Android Antenna Systems and Aesthetics

There has been much talk recently in the scientific news about household robotic systems, which also serve as WiFi capable systems. Perhaps someday you or your family may have a robotic artificial intelligence android household maid or companion, which will look so real and act so normal, that you will often forget it is not human at all.This brings up another issue, if your robotic android is a WiFi capable system and is fully integrated into your Net-centric house and capable of starting your smart car, then it will need antennas incorporated into its design in order to be fully capable of this function.Indeed, you will not want a bunch of antennas hanging off your robots, as it would look truly absurd. You'll want to feel at home with your robot and make it part of the family and thus any antenna must be concealed within its structure. Yet we all know that antennas work best we may have the clearest shot.

Additionally the future houses will be more economically efficient to hold in the heat or the cool air to save energy and therefore the walls of the house may obstruct a good signal. Therefore it will be best to have a net centric house with antennas in the walls so there can be caused in two-way communication between your robotic assistant and all the systems of the house. It makes sense for robotic engineers to consider these important facts with the signing our future artificially intelligent robotic family androids.

So, consider this in 2006.

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