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Artificial Intelligent Armies

What will the artificially intelligent robotic armies of the United States of America and their military look like in the year 2030? How will it operate? Will robots fight our wars for us or will there simply be no one dumb enough to risk a war with the United States for fear of total annihilation by the world's largest and fiercest future fighting force and robotic artificially intelligent army?.Indeed, such a scenario is not Sci Fi, although some might have thought so a decade ago, now it seems more of a reality and the actual direction things are progressing. But how would this work? Well simple really. The Joint Chiefs of Staff would call up the central fighting force computer command and control and then alert them of a war with "x" country and declare the enemy eliminated.

The computer would ask; "define enemy" the joint chiefs of staff would read off the coordinated of a country which we wish to serve our political will over and one which we have reached an impasse with attempted political negotiation.The central command and control computer would line up all the logistical efforts needed to accomplish the task based on the data already in the computer and basic war plan information already known and execute the command from the joint chiefs. The computer would not retreat or stop until the other party had surrendered and the war would be over after the enemy was defeated, surrendered or annihilated (eliminated). That is basically how it would work.

Consider this in 2006 and be really nice to the USA.

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