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Artificial Intelligent Robots to Work Along Humans as Assistants

Human scientists are looking for ways to build smarter and better Artificial Intelligent Robots to work along their human counterparts as assistants to increase efficiency and task performance. Like R2D2 and C3PO in George Lucas' famous Star Wars Blockbuster movie. Super smart think tank teams believe that they are on the verge of figuring it all out.You see if we want Artificial Intelligent (AI) robotic assistants to interface and work along side humans, then we need to give them personality.

You see we cannot use only mirroring, that is only a component of life. Mirroring is a common human trait and it is something that Carnegie Mellon has been doing for some time and we also see this with Japanese Robotic Researchers and even those top dogs at MIT. But mirroring alone is not enough, as it gets to the point of aggravation fairly quickly.We cannot allow the human-computer bonding to be only sustaining such patterns of mirroring, we need to weave into the process, some anomalies which are found in human interaction for the bonding to be sufficient, as the human innate tendency is to mirror the robot too. Let me discuss with you an abstract though along this line of reasoning. You see if every person were the same it would be like the Borg, if every one owned the exact same car folks would not appreciate their cars and if every tree were the same it would be like a fake forest not a real one.

So when we make a replica tree, it cannot ever be an exact replica of any tree ever made, but rather within a realm or two parallel lines or borders of adaptations and each individual tree must be within in those borders and the dots representing the trees must meander within those lines, touching the lines, jotting back and forth or even crossing them. You see that is life. Something that can go outside the boundaries not confined.

The most brilliant minds believe that they can design robotic assistants, which humans will bond too and believe they can figure this out. They are betting on it. By using such an individualistic approach to personalities in AI Robotics; then and only then will the mind see what it really expects, not just a dumb hunk of metal robot. Not a computer game with boundaries, but enough that there appears to be no out of bounds.

Then it will more simulate and replicate life without replicable patterns in their entirety.If not we will give away our simulation or replica, by causing within the mind a brain wave, which causes concern and says. What? It is at that instance we lose. It will be that instance that the friendship or bond between robotic assistants and humans will be broken and mistrust will ensue.Think tankers think they can beat that and once it is figured out the applications are truly endless.

Humans may come to enjoy actually being around replicas, simulations or things other than life, without cause for alarm or damage to their psyche. Many are quite sure of it. Some researchers right now think they know the answer and they have been working on it. Many of the most brilliant human minds think they will develop a perfect system of non-perfect-ness to please humans without being bothersome and thus can make a tree or many trees, which will be cut from the same mold with minor and major anomalies just like life. The systems being used are cute and the mirroring is nice and all that.

Without taking anything away from their excellent work, we must admit in the here and now that these characteristics simply are not good enough yet. I seriously hope you have enjoyed our discussion today on Lance Winslow's iPod Casting; always giving you something to think about. More on this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.


By: Lance Winslow

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