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BenchMarque Examiner Review

The Bottom Line

In the competitive market of training materials, this competent software is angling for top position. As they continue to expand their array of available tests, they will become a contender.
  • Quality Questions
  • Nice Interface
  • Excellent Prices
  • None


  • Choice of Learning Mode or Exam Mode. Test results are saved in Exam Mode but not in Learning Mode.
  • Exam Mode results are recorded and broken down by topic to target strengths and weaknesses.
  • Each test is broken in to categories. You can select a specific category or select "All".
  • Tests are timed, but a handy pause button allows you to suspend the timer.
  • Questions can be bookmarked and reviewed.
  • Questions are presented randomly with each retake. Answers are also ordered randomly with retakes.
  • Exams usually run $55.95 each with a package price of $189.00 for the MCSE 2000 pack of seven exams.
  • Be sure to visit the BenchMarque website and download the free demo.
  • Tests currently available for CCNA, CompTIA A+, and MCSE.

Guide Review - BenchMarque Examiner Review

Since my last review, BenchMarque came out with a new release that greatly improved upon the previous version. The demo provided a few questions from each of it's seven tests for the MCSE. The interface remains clean and simple with some added features such as detailed explanations for each answer in 'Practice Mode'. The window can be minimized, but still still sticks at 640x480 which results in some scrolling. The test history screen keeps track of your 'Exam Mode' results and does an excellent job of targeting weaknesses. Tests are divided into categories so you can focus your questions by category or draw from the full pool of questions. Test material is well-written and provides the level of knowledge that is needed for the exams.

BenchMarque continues to expand it's test line-up and product features and is currently being used in 50 countries. If you are in the market for affordable practice tests be sure to check out their website and download a demo. You won't be disappointed.

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