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Conserving Energy Using Alternative Energy Technologies for High Use Infrastructure

Did you know that commercial and government wastewater treatment facilities in the United States of America use between five and six percent of America's energy resources? What if there was a way to have these sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities, operated by the government, generate their old electricity to power of the systems. In other words they would not need any energy from the grid. Sure, they would still be connected to the grid, but only in an emergency would they a drawl power as a backup. How is this possible you ask? Well, using bacteria to make electricity.

In a recent new discovery and in a white paper from Penn State they discussed new breakthrough technology that would allow bacteria to eat the sludge and generate electricity. Here is an excerpt;." . . .insert a fuel cell with carbon anodes in oxygen free sludge.

The bacteria adhere to the anodes, which harvest the electrons to produce a current that flows through a wire to a cathode.".Can you imagine the sewer treatment plant generating energy to power up a fuel cell to run the entire operation and/or although vehicles, ez-goes and equipment at the sewer treatment plants.

Perhaps a municipal own POTW, publicly owned treatment works could even generate the energy to power up all the City vehicles or even the buses. Wow, that would be pretty good wouldn't it? You know, this may actually be in our future. Consider this in 2006.


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