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ExamForce CramMaster Practice Tests

The Bottom Line

This is great software. It is well-designed and contains extremely helpful information and practice questions.

  • ExamCram Content
  • Two-Page Cram Sheet
  • Nice Interface
  • None


  • 250+ Questions
  • History feature tracks progress on main exam topics.
  • Two pages of cram sheet material in Adobe Acrobat format.
  • Review mode, notes, and question explanations available in Adaptive Drill and Simulated Exam modes.
  • As questions repeat, answers change position, creating a more challenging study environment.
  • Print feature allows you to take the tests offline.
  • Explanations link directly to Exam Cram content. Read up on one answer or read an entire chapter.

Guide Review - ExamForce CramMaster Practice Tests

They started as Beachfront Direct and then collaborated with Pearson and Exam Cram to become ExamForce. The name is apt. This practice test software is a force among it's competitors with proven content and a good testing interface. The CramMaster software offers three testing modes: Pretest, Adaptive Drill, and Simulated Exam. The pretest will help you define your weak areas, and the Adaptive drill gives you the opportunity to focus your time and energy on just those areas that you need to improve. After using these study-type tools you can move on to the full simulated exam. At $99.95, the price is at the high range for this type of product, but the quality of content is also high and makes the ExamForce products valuable study tools. In addition to the Windows XP Professional test that I downloaded, they offer a wide range of exam prep tools including CompTIA, Cisco, Citrix, Sun, Oracle, CheckPoint, CIW, Linux, and (ISC)2. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with ExamForce's product. Evaluation downloads are available, so try out the CramMaster testing engine to see what a excellent study aid ExamForce offers.

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