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Franchise All World Governments

Many have debated whether we should have "One World Government" or not? And indeed the tries so far have somewhat under whelmed us all, as it seems whenever we get everyone together they all have different ideas on how civilizations should be run and all wish to do things in their own way. It is hard to try to merge all the world government into one cohesive group, as it may mean they will be giving up some power and control for the betterment of all. This is a hard thing to ask of a hard headed steadfast leader, which is one of human traits one must have to be a leader in the politics of human civilizations in the first place.What if the World Governments operated like a Franchise. The UN, the Franchisor could be like a Franchise Opportunity for emerging Nations franchising their government structure. Regional Areas could operate like Master Franchise Opportunities and each Nation could be a Franchisee.

Then everyone would be part of the same team and join in a common cause to battle disasters, disease and human rights for the betterment of all mankind; A franchise for the human race?.If we set up the World Franchise Systems, while simultaneously set up the next human generations for success and not failure; then the plan with the proper synergy could work. For those who chose to live longer through life extension technologies, they could life within a safer world without the chaos and strife and be a testament of the past periods and be sure not to let poor planned history repeat.

A World Franchise System could easily be translated into every language and using current technology and we could accomplish our mission of world cooperation and work towards a common cause. Then the move towards a one-world government would not be in vein as we would then be able to fix the world in our present period and set in motion a plan, which can work far into the future. Still thinking on this and need you input so, be thinking on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Technical Training

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