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Frequency Rainbow Creation

Be possible to build a frequency generation machine, which would go through the frequencies probably 1 Hz to 100,000 Hz in one to two minutes? If we produced a machine, which could go through their frequency bands at a very high rate of speed, kind of like taking your finger at running across a piano, then what would happen?.We don't know what will happen because no one has ever done this before, but I suspect something might happen and that something may lead to a very wonderful discovery for mankind. But I cannot tell you in advance of this experiment what will happen, why it will happen or what we might do with his knowledge in the future, since I have no idea what the results will actually be.

All I know is that we must do this experiment and find out. What leads me to believe that anything will happen at all?.A couple of things really; one, is that precursory frequency waves have been seen and heard before earthquakes.

This includes light waves and sound waves. Two, when playing with sound waves, microwaves and light waves in modulation all sorts of interesting things occur. But if we ran through the frequency band very rapidly who knows what would happen?.It might even be a situation where order is brought to chaos and thus something unusual happens, but what? That is the question and we need to know the answer to it. The question appeared in a dream I had and it is indeed a very interesting phenomena that I saw, we need to confirm this and we should invest research dollars just to find out.

It might even be interesting to attempt to go through all the frequency modulation from top to bottom and back to zero again in a nanosecond or peco second if it is possible with current equipment? It would take multiple types of equipment set up in series to do it and specially calibrated to move on Que. Consider this in 2006.

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Technical Training

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