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Future Alternative to Powering Homes and Businesses

United States of America is developing a strategic plan and looking at future alternatives to powering homes and businesses. With natural gas spikes and the ever-increasing demand we need to change the way we power our homes and businesses.In California each summer they have power outages due to the incredible demand in the inability to deliver that much power through the power lines. But this is not the only place in America we are problems on our grid.

This is a serious issue, which must be addressed and the future of our energy depends on it.The President of the United States of America along with the Department of Energy has come up with a strategic plan called the summer: Advanced Energy Initiatives Program. Some of the things that they're looking into our clean coal technologies and that is the ability to burn coal without the pollution and knew more cost-effective solar cells.Many new alternative energy homes have solar cells, which generate more energy than the home needs and sells the additional energy back to the grid.

If and when it ever gets to cold or too overcast for many days in a row the home can still use energy from the grid. It is great to see our government working on alternative energy strategies for the future of our nation. Having redundancy systems for our homes and businesses is one way to prevent catastrophic economic effects from over demand or breakages in the system. We all should consider this in 2006.

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