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Hybrid Species Modification On Human Beings

Scientists have always considered the possibility of modifying the human species. Some of these scientists wish to do it for very noble, while others for dastardly reasons. There are even researchers who want to do it just for kicks to see if they can make a bizarre blended or new species using gene and DNA modification.Some humanists are completely appalled, while others are so concerned that they have started groups, with lawyers and lobbyists to prevent these things.

In Taiwan some scientists have mingled DNA of a jellyfish with a pig now. They merged genetic material from the jellyfish into the pig embryo and have come out with a transparent, greenish and glow in the darkish pig.Of course the Taiwanese scientists who have bred fluorescent pigs, believe that it is only a matter of time until we make glow in the dark human "Alien" like people. The pigs are transgenic and translucent. Many decry such actions, yet the stem cell research field is moving ahead and such studies will help us in studying human diseases.What else do these pigs have to offer? Are they smarter or better endowed in another way? No, researchers say that they are no different than an average pig, except for the translucent glow in the dark and green colored features.

Some say next they will do this to dogs too and people will be ordering colorful animals too. Oh no, I can hear PETA now? Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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