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I Want to Lose Weight with the Vibrational Energy Sound Fat Zapper Device

Do you want to lose a weight and maybe take off a few pounds? I want to lose weight too, I think we all do and some of us more than others. Well soon you will be able to lose weight using a new technology, which will zap your fat cells using vibrational sound energy. Of course this device has not been invented yet but all the technology is available and waiting for some entrepreneur to make it a reality. You will be able to lose weight in one afternoon while simply relaxing and perhaps listening to your favorite music. How so you ask?.Well it is simple really, I propose we build a water resonance vibrational ELF device, which causes water to change in and around the fat cells and make them available to be burned up for energy as if you were exercising.

To do this I propose we put an over lay machine under someone's back molded to there exact body dimensions. Then X-ray the individual in the system on a 3D grid to tell the system where to fire the direction sound waves. This way we can do strategic strikes to take out all the fat out around the organs like a machine, which cuts a balsa wood or wax model from a Cad Cam for industrial modeling.The molded tray would hug the body tightly and extend to the 90-degree point. The sound waves would be fired vertically where it could and at angles where it could without touching important organs of blood vessels. Once this is done the person will be put into a sauna to precipitate and sweat out all the poisons stored in the fat cells.

The person would then be lighter and could go work out to get rid of the rest over the coming weeks to get really ripped and they would need to remain on the proper diet. But by losing the weight in advance they could do more strenuous work out without the knee injuries associated with being over weight.The Goals would be 25% for women and 18% for men. One could do this on the legs too or only the legs very easily. Women would skip their breasts so they could keep them the size they wanted as not to psychologically hurt their feelings, because breasts are mostly made up of fat cells. Men who were worried about biceps getting too small too quick could do their arms only half way to tone up their arms.

This vibrational energy sound fat zapper device would be a one-shot deal. Then after the sauna they would go back for another ELF setting, which would strictly be for immune boosting to help with the rapid change of losing all that body fat at once. The individual would add years to their life in one after noon. "How old would you be if you did not know how old you are?".Perhaps a similar process could be used to rid the body of toxins and also be used before cancer treatment to insure a stronger body that could take the treatments? My concept is to give the tissue an adjustment. I further propose that at the end of the day and for the next two days that the individual go through deep tissue massages and a regimented and supervised exercise.

Just think you could be really young again. Do you like my idea or do you think I am just dreaming again? Think on it the future is near.


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By: Lance Winslow

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