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Full Product Review

Measure Up Online Practice Exam
CIW Foundations Demo

To get to the free demos and full-version practice exams offered by MeasureUp, you must first register with them. This is a reasonably painless process and only took a couple of minutes. Once I selected my demo exam (CIW (1D0-410) Foundations) I was sent to the Test Options page. This gave the the opportunity to decide how many questions (10 is the limit for the demo) I wanted, whether I wanted duplicate questions from my last tests, and whether I wanted to operate in Certification Mode. Certification Mode does not allow you to request the answer(s) and/or explanation to each question until after the exam. So far so good. Registration was easy and I like the the numerous options that are available to customize the exam.

I took the test in Certification Mode and was given an opportunity to review and change answers upon completion. I hit the score button to find that I did ok. I passed, but barely. The test results page is very easy to read and offers suggestions on how to improve my performance. As always, I really need to bone up on my networking essentials portion of the exam. I am given the options of reviewing my answers, printing the test, retaking the test, or going to my "TestLocker". I also get the option to send the results via email to "anyone I want to impress".

Overall, this is a great way to practice for your exams. The interface is clean and easy to use and the pricing is moderate. You can get a 30-day subscription (per exam) for $59.00 and a CD-ROM for $89.00.

Measure Up also offers e-certifications much like Brainbench. It's a one-time, 50 question exam for $14.99 with a free online transcript.

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