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Military Needs an Earthquake Maker and a Typhoon Generator

As the super powers of the future collide in political impasse leading to catastrophic wars, the US Military will need more than just bombs and missiles, stealth planes and a Navy which is more like a floating country than a bunch of ships. Nuclear bombs are problematic as they tend to mess things up for a while and they are not so environmentally friendly although temporarily quite effective.Many would like to choose the nuclear option and be done with the war quickly and actually saving lives in the end, yet they also admit that humans where never made to glow in the dark, even if scientists are already creating pigs and splicing them with Jelly Fish genes to make them translucent green and glow in the dark.Maybe we will have humans, which glow in the dark soon, who knows. Yet that certainly can be done without nuclear wars. So often when we discuss the fury of Mother Nature we hear talk of Mount St.

Helens Volcano being the power of 30 Hiroshima Bombs or the Power of Hurricane Katrina being the same as 10 Atomic Bombs going off every hour for 5-days straight.With that type of power wouldn't it be great to incorporate a little helping hand from Mother Nature to serve our political will in case of an un-negotiable impasse? If some country will not give up its Nuclear Weapons Manufacturing and insists on threatening the World, why not cause an Earthquake and have the underground facility simply implode or collapse on its self?.The US Military needs an Earthquake Maker and a Typhoon Generator for its arsenals to protect the American People, our Allies and the future of Mankind. Think on this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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