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Military Needs an IQ Enhancement Machine

So often it is hard to recruit all the necessary brainpower into the US military to run all the latest high-tech equipment. In fact some of the latest and greatest dream fighting machines take someone with two-advanced degrees simply to understand how it all works. The US military often has $250,000 to 2 million dollars worth of training wrapped up in their most skilled operators and system engineers. Without them a war cannot be fought.One of the most pressing issues is that in a free market economy with unemployment at only 4.

4% we find that the US military must compete for the smartest, best and brightest and quite frankly they have a hard time coming up with that amount of money, especially considering they are competing against their own contractors in the private sector for that labor.Indeed most soldiers of any special skill after serving their tour of duty will wish to be released from military service to work in the private sector at sometimes five times the salary. So it is a tough call for someone who wishes to feed their family to dismiss that obligation and re-sign up for further service.

With labor supply tight the US Military needs a way to take someone of a relatively normal IQ and boost this thru the roof to create a super IQ individual to accomplish the important task of running such high-tech equipment and cut down on the cost and time to train them to do so. We are going to have to commit significant R and D monies into achieving this goal. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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