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Moon Base by Pure Weakness and Bogus Timeline

Well NASA has plotted out a bold plan to put a moon base camp up there by 2020? Bold, that is not bold, that is BS. Come on we are in the year 2006 and surely we have come further than this. This is utter non-sense and weakness. A business with such a lofty timeline would be out of business by then, only government can get away with such crap.

You see folks; weakness is not an American Trait, and for those that think it is, they have no business talking about the future. We go because we can and we do it now, because we can and we discover and learn and adapt and win. Why, because that is what America is made of. And if the other nations cannot keep up and we leave the Russians, Japanese, UK, Chinese, UAE, Singapore space programs in the moon dust, so be it.

Hell we ought to make Lance Armstrong an astronaut, at least he is not a pussy. We need men not mice.Recently in an online think tank a guest stated; "By taking our time and developing Lunar (and possibly asteroidal) resources, we can make it much cheaper, easier and safer to go to Mars.".

Do both. Build a base camp on the moon, beat the competition there; small lab. Do that within 2-3 years or sooner.

We can, it complete and utter BS to say we can't, that it is just too difficult. Dump the red tape and go for it. Shit can the blob of bureaucracy, be bold and smart.

Let and entrepreneur solve this problem. Trust Tenacity, blast bureaucracy.We already know how to live in submarines, Antarctica, we need to stop studying shit and do it.

Put the engineers and scientists up for the challenge, break their balls, make them work for a living, tell them we are doing this come hell or high water and shit can anyone who says it cannot be done.Dump the naysayers and ditch the weak. That's what I think, I think the human race is becoming weak and showing its true colors and in doings slow slowing down the natural and forward progression and quite frankly it makes me sick. Sick to think I share DNA with weakness. Is this the best humans can do? All this Space Bureaucracy and you cannot even put up a base camp on the Moon? Cannot even put a Man on Mars? We are in the year 2006 people.

Get with it.Weakness needs to take a walk and while they are busy looking at flowers lets set a course for the future shall we? Now then are my comments really over the top? Because I think this petty weakness is definitely not the side of the pendulum I care to associate with. Lets live on the upstroke and go with it.


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By: Lance Winslow

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