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N Brain Wave and Possibilities for Dream Learning

In the future scientists, brain researchers and sleep academics will get together to produce ways to help educate, teach and allow the brain to learn while sleeping. One way to do this maybe to enlist the N400 brain wave and manipulate it while regulating the information flow into the brain. We know that humans can have an N400 brain wave in their sleep. Which seems to indicate a possibility for enhanced learning or Dream Learning, which is to say maybe you can have a subliminal machine running beside your bed at night teaching you everything you need to know for your degree program too?.Have you ever heard someone say that they have to sleep on it? Telling them selves that they will in fact decide after sleeping? One could say to this point that the reason you can have an N400 Brain wave when you sleep is that dreaming is kind of a defrag of a days events and since you have them during the day, your mind would simulate events this way at night as well.

We know that N400 brain wave is essential to learning through trial and error and is activated when picking up ironic situations or picking out data points to remember, thus assisting in an imprint of data or anomaly events. Once the data is imprinted is serves as a key to accessing memory later. For proper REM dreaming to be beneficial the human brain would need such a brain wave to have proper dreaming which would help the brain do its thing while sleeping.Some believe that an N400 rogue brain wave while sleeping would mean that it is not the brain wave of choice for sleep learning, yet it is one of the most important in my opinion.

We should not at all shocked by these folks who believe that the N400 brain wave is not important to dream learning, as modern science has not pegged it as an important learning tool. We should expect to have such brain waves when we sleep. Those who ask themselves questions before they go to bed and expect the answer when they awaken are in fact utilizing such a brain wave while sleeping.

Researchers and scientists who wish to make dream learning a reality in the future should be doing research on the N400 brain wave to utilize its full potential. In the future we will be learning while sleeping and long-term NASA space exploration travelers may in fact use such techniques to so that when they arrive they will have all the knowledge they need to complete the mission and wake up refreshed with 10 PhDs of various and viable subject matter, think on this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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