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Online Degrees How To Make Sure Your Money Is Well Spent

You can improve your career prospects; get a degree next week.

Everyone has seen the ads. Employers have seen the ads too, so are suspicious of degrees from universities they have never heard of.

Is it necessary then to physically attend a university to obtain a degree that employers will recognize? No.

A university degree is no longer only available by physically attending university lectures, seminars and tutorials. Now you can work for your degree 100% online, never setting foot into the hallowed halls of learning unless you choose to.

There are universities that offer Bachelors and Masters degrees online. You can even get a Doctorate 100% online. You have a very wide choice of subject, as wide as if you physically attended the institution. Check out this site http://www.


You can get an online degree from many traditional universities, including Harvard and Yale. There are other universities and colleges that only have online courses. Some of these universities are accredited universities; others are not.

If you apply to a non-accredited institution, future employers are unlikely to look favorably on your qualification. This is because some of these non-accredited universities are nothing more than printing shops, churning out degrees as the checks roll in.

Everyone has seen the ads for these so-called degrees - The Get your doctorate next week type ads.

There have been cases of prominent government scientists losing their posts because their degrees were exposed to come from one of these non-accredited institutions that produce totally worthless degrees and doctorates.

There are Life Experience degrees where you gain credit for what you have learned in your job over the years, including for experience gained by staying at home and looking after the kids. Treat these especially with extreme caution and do not shell out your money too easily. If it is that easy to get a degree then it really is not worth the paper it is printed on.

How do you protect yourself?

Only do an online degree from a university that an educated friend, aged 40 or older, has heard of.

Employers are likely to be in a similar age bracket and will have similar knowledge of universities as your friend.

Only follow degree courses in recognized disciplines. Forget Life Experience degrees.

Expect to have to work for your degree for at least two years.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com.


Pearl Deloria has a background in management, including SMEs.

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By: Pearl Deloria -

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