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Precognition Warning System

Scientific studies have shown that the mind can perceive future events that may harm us. In fact in study after study researchers have found that the bio-system will increase its pulse prior to a painful event. Does this mean that pain can transcend time? Not actually say scientists, but parts of the mind can and they are determined to figure out how humans and many other species are able to do this.It appears from an evolutionary standpoint in terms of survival of the fittest that such skills may have been the difference between life and death. So it is safe to say that there is not only a reason for this, but a good reason why many of the species on the planet have this skill, fore if they did not, they most likely would not be alive today, because their direct ancestral line would have been eaten by a fast moving predator.I propose that we use such a system to embedded in a soldiers uniform which will detect a rapid ramp up in their brain waves which is immediately sent to their central nervous system which mimics the laboratory experiments of bio-system changes which occur in minds pre-cognition warning system.

Once the uniform detects this wave it shocks the soldier and lets them know to duck, move or get out of harms way, even if the soldier does not recognize these signs himself. Think on this in 2006.

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Technical Training

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