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Reverse War Panning Simulation for the Protection of Our Nation

After murderous International Terrorists attacked the United States; personally like many Americans I was completely angry. It was at this point I decided to do something about it. And immediately put the think tank into full defense mode.I thought that after having traveled around this country and setting up franchises that my knowledge of the situation was one of the best. Here is a brief overview of some of my travels;.http://www.


shtml.You see our Department of Homeland Security was not formed yet and at the time the FBI and authorities may have known there is going to be more attacks, but they certainly are not thinking it through from an International Murderous Terrorist's perspective. And after 9-11 the blame game and bureaucracy changes did not allow them to stop this stuff.

Today things are much better, but then well we did not feel so protected.Of course in the media the authorities said they were doing all this great stuff and tried to reassure the citizens that everything was just safe and wonderful, it was all smoke and mirrors really, it was all BS.I advised the think tank that it would not take more than a few hundred hours with in-depth maps of water lines, oil pipelines, natural gas lines, freeways, rail, harbors, communication stations, tunnels to figure out a hell of a plan. If the International Terrorists had the resources, could they pull it off? Perhaps. We determined that we could do the same thing from their perspective and we came up with all the information to see what areas they would first attempt to exploit; determining our Nation's weaknesses. We found many, but not nearly as many as we thought we would find.

You see it takes a few out of the box thinkers, in a think tank setting to figure it out and guard against it and improve the odds of tragedy. We found some areas, which were not safe and completely problematic. Then one by one, we made recommendations, studied the technology we might need and then advised of how to protect the American People. Suffice it to say that the best minds are at work along with the DHS Department of Homeland Security, which is now in full swing and all this in behind the scenes protecting all of us.

Consider this in 2006.

."Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs/.

By: Lance Winslow

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