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SavvyEngine Test Simulator

The Bottom Line

For the money, the SavvyEngine test simulator is an efficient tool that will help you find your weaknesses and improve your testing abilities.
  • Lab Simulator
  • Question Updates
  • Lots of Questions
  • Plain Interface


  • Three question types are included: multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and drag-and-drop.
  • Test your lab skills with router simulations.
  • Keep current with unlimited test question updates.
  • Document references help you study and understand each test answer.
  • The CCNA test includes 457 questions.
  • Allows randomizing and review of answers.
  • Includes the ability to mark questions and allows category scoring.

Guide Review - SavvyEngine Test Simulator

At around $40 to $50, the SavvyEngine from CertSavvy.com offers some great testing simulations. Their testing simulator is capable, if not particularly interesting to look at, and the questions are close to the same level of difficulty as the exam. The download experience was not ideal, but once installed, the product runs smoothly and offers the expected level of features. Each test question comes with good explanations and references to help you study, and for the CCNA exams, the router simulations are a great way to train. Overall, this is a quality product at a good price.

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