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SelfTest Software

The folks at SelfTest Software were kind enough to give me access to both their online and downloadable versions of the CompTIA i-Net+ practice test. This review covers both versions. The features explained below hold true for all of SeflTest's products. SelfTest offers practice tests for Microsoft, CIW, CompTIA, Novell, Cisco, Lotus, Oracle, & Sun for similar prices.


The online version costs $79 and is valid 30 days from the first time you activate the exam with the option to add a 10 day extension for $10 and a 30 extension for $20. The interface is very intuitive and clean. I had no problems with terminology or navigation through the various options. Information and options are presented compactly, are visually pleasing without being flashy, and provide an excellent study environment. The software makes good use of tooltips (the helpful instructions that appear when my mouse rests on a button) throughout, thus making a help feature unnecessary. There is a live mentor available at all times if you have any trouble using the software, if you have difficulty with a question, or if you simply need encouragement.


The download is available for $99 and includes a test engine. There is also a CD-ROM available for $99. Once you download and install both the test engine and the practice test, you will be asked to create a profile to be used for the Online Mentor feature. Then you will be asked to activate your account. Overall, the installation is smooth and simple, if a bit long.

Once installed, the Download version of the practice exam is identical to the online in features and interface.


  • Two Modes of study - Learning Mode and Certification Mode
  • Online Flash Cards
  • Live Mentoring
  • Wide range of features to customize tests.
Learning mode and the Flashcard feature both offer 291 questions and allow numerous test-taking options. You can:
  • Enter the number of random questions you would like to review Select the number of questions you would like to review from each test objective
  • Test on only single answer or multiple answer questions
  • Select only questions containing specified keywords
  • Test only on questions you have answered incorrectly in the past (specify 1 to 10 times)
  • Test only on questions for which you have written notes

Bottom Line

SelfTest Software has reason to brag about their product. No amount of free practice questions culled from around the Web will prepare you for an exam as well as this reasonably priced software. However, as with most test prep software, you should also use a combination of books and practical experience to prepare for your exams.

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