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The Trains of the Future May Fly It Would Save Fuel and Lots of It

Today our Nations Rail Network delivers goods and supplies to markets and raw materials to be processed. Everything from iron ore, coal to produce goes by rail too. Even trucks go by rail; you have sent them, 18-wheeler trailers piggy backing on rail cars.

Do you know why? Well it is more fuel-efficient and with fuel prices up, that means efficiencies and cost savings.But what will such transportation look like in the future? After all today we have heavy trains with lots of power causing lots of friction and giving back a lot of that fuel efficiency when it need not do so. How so you ask? Well big heavy loads running along tracks slow you down, but if you could have no friction thru air-cushioned "tub type" rail system or magnetic levitation, you could increase the efficiency by reducing friction on the rail 10-fold you see?.

Without anymore rambling, what I am saying is that the new Independent will not have a significant niche in the future in trucking. Cargo may even run by composite or carbon nano-tube blimps all chained together like Arial barges or railways running on air cushion at 200 plus mph.There is a shortage of truck drivers now, and it is getting worse, the consolidators do not pay well, the Independents are working for free after paying costs. Independent companies from 5-300 trucks are no longer viable and cannot compete with the GPS tracking, scheduling and maintenance software of tomorrow, which they are using today and now. The new animal is too efficient. Computers have simplified and stream lined things.

I cannot say this change is totally good or bad. But I will tell you that we are redesigning our methods to include Real-time, GPS, FCS, methods.Why, to be cutting edge, because technology is cool and a brain challenge to design, and to finish what we started.

No one has seen the benefits in our industry like we have and we are going forward faster than ever before. This is where the low tech Industry of mobile washing meets the high-tech world of Jack Dangermond, Bill Gates, Plenart Gerhart, Craig McCaw, and others. Anyway consider all this in 2006.

Saving fuel by rail is as important as owning a hybrid car for your family transportation you see?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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