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Think Tank Items for This Week Thinking Items

Have you considered starting a think tank? Have you ever considered joining one? Have you ever wondered what type of think tank you might wish to join? Have you ever submitted an application to a think tank? Do you ever wonder what sort of things think tanks are actually thinking on?.Well one think tank, the one I run is online and we think on all sorts of things and are unlimited in our thoughts. In fact if you would like to here some of the things we are working on this week, well we would be glad to get your input if you have any information or knowledge.

Here are the items we are discussing this week and we can always use a few more, got any ideas? Anything for the agenda next week, meanwhile here is this week's topics:.1.) Natural Motion Hulls and materials.

2.) Tornadoes on edges of hurricanes and the solar system and galaxy models correspondingly.3.) Organic Planet as a black hole.4.

) Small business survival cycles in business cycles and bad economic policies as well as past, present future; good, bad and ugly.5.) Xenon Blast for Weather Control.6.

) Hurricane Gamma formation possibilities.7.) Appeasement and Empathy trap for Muslim Radicals.8.) Uniting of hostile forces.

9.) iRobot vacuum rage and programming- PETA and household cat interference.10.

) Gasoline tax windfalls and growth of local government, then lower prices means taxes will be raised during recession.11.) Business Cycle downturn writing on walls.12.) Universal DNA, RNA, enzyme, pathogen hand held scanners for organic life and human healthcare.13.

) Tyson Foods and not coming clean when problem erupts and their political clout, workers at risk and families and towns.14.) Identity Theft books and papers all wrong, government causes the creation of too many unsecured forms and data in too many places and they will cause the problem which will cripple millions in future.15.) Inflation and artificial inflation, business cycle and small businesses.

16.) "Eminent Design" I made this term- meaning future of human hand on evolution, designing eco-systems, mitochondria dna, traveling space humaniods, insects, weather, etc. The future when man becomes God, I see this happening. A take off of "Intelligent Design".17.

) If Solar System Slows Down Less Energy or if less electromagnetic energy; We could fall in; Too far away we could slow down; Another system catching up; A shock wave of some type in our way causing us to bounce around a little.18.) Solar MAV techniques.19.

) No Prosecutors Should Ever Hold Office, jaded view of the world and that system teaches you to cheat.20.) Microwaves and RFID Tag system disruptions of enemies using such systems. Screw with their distribution systems.

And ways to defeat microwave or EA attack on our distribution channels in business piracy, competition or military movements.21.) Nasty Titles of articles get more page views on search engines as a sign of the times. Degradation of society.22.

) Cyber Library Wars, Beta VS VHS. Showdown between Google and Microsoft each uses slightly different systems.23.) GM Pension Obligations, Delphi Bankruptcy, Japanese Automaker Market Share, Downturn is business cycle, Airline losses, small business failures, Housing Crisis, Interest rates.

If you have any thoughts on any of these issues and you would like to join us we would love to here from you. Or if you already have a Think Tank you belong to you may use these topics for your group if you wish. All think tanks should from time to time come up with target topics to discuss, so think on this.


"Lance Winslow" - Online Think Tank forum board. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.WorldThinkTank.net/wttbbs/.

By: Lance Winslow

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