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Unique Christmas Gifts for Friends and Loved Ones

Are you wondering what to buy for a special friend or loved one for Christmas? It's nice to give gifts that are unique that have a personal touch. Let's take a look at some beautiful and unique Christmas gifts. If the person you're buying for is a candle lover, a perfect gift would be a 4 piece red and green candle set that is decorated to look like candy canes. These are delightful and they come wrapped in gold cellophane and have a gold loop that can be used to hang them. Another choice is a two-toned white and green candle that is wrapped in a decorative pouch. For those who love snow people and Christmas, choose the 2-piece set that consists of a snowman and a Christmas tree candle.

They are exquisite and are truly unique. Christmas stockings are a great gift for those who believe in the spirit of Santa. Buy the new baby in the family a stocking that says, "Baby's First Christmas." Christmas stockings also come in Santa, Snowman and Rudolph themes.

Your dearest friend will love the plush Christmas Friends stocking and will hang it year after year while thinking of you. For those who enjoy decorating their kitchen for Christmas, there is a wide range of items to choose from. Consider a snowman couple ceramic cookie jar and a snowman couple pair of salt and pepper shakers that come complete with a salt and pepper holder that resembles a brick house with snow on the roof.

Snowman dinner plates are available in red and white as are snowman mugs, an oval serving platter and a pedestal cake plate. If someone on your gift list loves Christmas ornaments, there are a variety of ornaments available. Consider a dozen Santa or Snowman ball ornaments that are packaged in a lovely decorated box.

Also available is a delightful 2 piece alabastrite snowman ornament set, a 6 piece frosted ornament set that is trimmed in gold, or a beautiful amber color Nativity Christmas Topper. For the angel lover on your list, choose alabastrite angels with pink-tinted wings and rosy accents that include a touch of sparkle to brighten the Christmas tree. Angel dessert plates and an angel-serving platter bring a magical touch into any home. For a touch of whimsy on your home's exterior that will bring the holiday season to life, consider a metal and acrylic snowman gaze ball and wind chimes. This is a delightful gift for anyone who loves to decorate the yard or garden, or choose a wooden snowman family door crown to brighten the entrance to the gift recipient's home.

This Christmas choose a gift for each recipient on your list that is both unique and personal. These are the types of gifts that touch the heart.

Article Cassaundra Flores, owner of Skyfire Products.

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