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Unique Gradutation Gift Top Five Laser Engraved Crystal Designs for Unique Graduation Gift

Laser engraved crystal will make an excellent unique graduation gift. It is a great way to recognize and honor the graduate's hardwork and accomplishments. Here, I will provide you with top five laser engraving designs perfect for unique graduation gift. If you are not familiar with laser engraved crystal, it is basically a crystal glass with engraving inside. The engraving inside the crystal creates an illusion of a floating image, really fascinating if you ask me.

Also, the laser engraved crystals are often used awards, which is perfect for honorary type of events like graduation. You will find a lot of laser engraved crystal gift retailers in the market and they will provide you with a lot of flexibility in designing your crystal gift. If you find it difficult to design the engraving for your unique graduation gift, here are five wonderful engraving designs that are great for graduation. 1. Let's start with a basic design that is often used for graduation.

It is just a combination of a graduation picture, date or year of graduation, and name of the graduate. Although these combinations are simple, they will make a great and unique graduation gift. 2. Let's move into a sentimental crystal engraving design. You can actually build on the first tip. Take the same concept (i.

e. graduation portrait, date, and name of the graduate) and add a poetry or dedication or even a famous quote. You just made the sentimental and unique graduation gift. Isn't it great? 3.

You can also create a laser engraved crystal award for the graduate. You might want to get the school's logo of the graduate to make your "award" more realistic. Also, identify what the award is for, such as MVP, No.1, or Best of something.

It is a fun and creative way to tell the celebrant how proud you really are. 4. I like to call this unique graduation gift design as Crystalized Graduation Wishes.

It is a similar concept of the greeting cards. This design option is great for large family or group. Write down all of your graduation wishes on a piece of paper and scan them in as images. Arrange them on the left side, right side, bottom or around a graduation portrait. It will really look beautiful and makes an excellent sentimental and unique graduation gift. It's like greeting card in crystal.

5. Another great design for creating a unique graduation gift is a replica of the year book of the graduating individual. I remember when I graduated, one of the hardest thing to do was saying goodbye to awesome people that I met over the years. The best place to find photos of the graduates' friends is the yearbook.

Look for autographs or photos from the yearbook. You can scan them in as images. You can arrange these items however you want inside the crystal. The recipient will really love this unique graduation gift you designed specially for him or her. These are the top five crystal engraving designs for your unique graduation gift. You can mix and match the design ideas to create your very own design.

It does not matter which design you choose, you can be sure that gift recipient will fall in love with it.

EmJee Designs provides a variety of unique personalized gifts perfect for any occasion. For more unique graduation gifts or laser engraved crystal designs, please visit EmJee Designs website at emjeeonline.com.

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