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Vaccinating Birds for Bird Flu with Food and Recycling Products

Currently there is a real problem with plastic water bottles, the litter and pollution they create. Many medical professionals are quite concerned that they can cause health issues if you drink your water out of them. It is a quite heated debate on both sides, but few can deny the problems they create in the environment.

Currently plastic water bottles are made of very thin plastic which decays faster, but the UV light also causing them to decay before you drink them causing health issues as it enters the water itself, which you will soon be drinking.These water bottles are also found to be filling up our landfills unnecessarily and also causing issues, as they become trash in parks, the beaches and athletic fields. Some teachers have fund ways to teach and use empty water bottles as materials for projects in the classroom. Recently in a press release a company named; BIOTA Spring Water came out with the World's First Bottled Water or Beverage Packaged in a Bottle that is Made from 100% Renewable Resource, Corn not Oil. This means that it is bio-degradable and will decompose quickly.

Since it is made of corn, animals will eat these bottles and birds too. So I propose that we put Bird Flu vaccine into the bottles during manufacturing protecting our local and regional birds from traveling migrating birds, which might have bird flu in a strain that is dangerous to humans, such as the N5H1. The birds will eat the bottles, thus no pollution or litter and they will be safe and so will we? Think on this idea?.

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By: Lance Winslow

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