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Valentines day

It is getting close to valentines and it is good idea to start look for some nice gift. It is a good news for those who visit regularly Alpha Imports. In new arrivals section you can find just posted beautiful pendant. Most of them in 18K yellow fold. White and colored diamonds are great companion to the yellow gold.

Valentines were about making a written note to the other beloved person in form of postcard, note or letter. In different cultures it was taking place at the same day 14th of February every year. The note sometimes was anonymous it was a day when she person could express his or her feelings.

With the time notes became more materialized gifts like candies, chocolates, jewelry and more valuable gifts. So how card giving came to America and did it come at all? Over the centuries, the holiday evolved, and by the 18th century, gift-giving and exchanging hand-made game on Valentine's Day had become tradition in England. Hand-made valentine cards prefabricated of tissue, ribbons, and featuring cupids and hearts eventually came in to the America. The practice of Valentine's card giving tradition did not become as popular in United States as it came in Europe nevertheless, until the 1850s, when Esther A. Howland, a began mass-producing them.

Today, Valentine's Day is a big success and big profit time for many jewelry companies. We found out from Greeting Card Association, 25% of all cards mailed each year are valentine's cards. Here is one interesting history about Valentines tradition and where it came from: Round 14th century BC Roman young men were celebrating God Lupercus. Teenage woman names were placed in box than man random pick one name and that lady was his companion for a year. Next year another lottery was placed.

Many years after that church stopped that practice. Definitely Valentines have long and great tradition. We Alpha Imports whish you to enjoy and for all in love to take a good care of each other and enjoy it. Have a great Valentine's Day.

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