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Why go direct to real local florists in USA Canada

Direct2florist is committed to sending 100% value to the real local florist. Go Direct2florist and receive full value bouquets. A first in the industry, Direct2florist puts customers in direct touch with the real local florist.

This passes on major savings to the customer whilst ensuring larger bouquets are delivered. Go direct to florist and save on hidden charges and costs made by other "agency" style services. Search and find your real local florist using Direct2florist.

The Direct2florist guarantee ensures your florist receives 100% flower value on all orders. The Direct2florist guarantee also ensures you are able to "rate the florist" after delivery has been made. It is their promise to provide the highest standard service in the industry. Direct2florist is a network of "Real Local Florists in America Canada and Worldwide". There are no middlemen, no hidden corporate costs, no percentage discounts, no hidden charges, and no advertising deductions. This site passes 100% of your flower money to the florist giving you bigger and fuller bouquets from real local florist.

Direct2florist charges a small service fee to operate the site, promote the site and transmit your order. There are no hidden charges. The money you spend on flowers is exactly that - your flower money! By going direct you receive better value from direct2florist. By ordering from the site your order is instantly transmitted to the florist of your choice. The confirmation email sent to you provides you with the florists contact telephone number. So you are safe in the knowledge you are in contact with the florist.

With direct2florist "It's like you walked in to the shop and paid over the counter!" How it works; A consumer anywhere in the world goes on Direct2florist.com and selects a country by clicking on the country's flag. In the US, the consumer can search for a florist by city or zip code. The consumer will be sent directly to photos of all participating florists who serve that area and up to 40 products that each florist offers for sale with a delivered price. Once the consumer selects a florist and the flowers they want to send they submit a credit card for payment. They pay the florist's delivered price plus a transaction fee.

The florist is immediately notified that they have an order. They are told what was selected, who it goes to, what message should be included and when it should be delivered. The florist must then confirm receipt of the order. When the order is delivered the florist notifies Direct2florist and then two things happen. First, the consumer is notified that the order was delivered, and then the florist receives payment for the flowers delivered.

It's all about customer satisfaction. Local retail florists offer consumers the greatest value.

Robert Thomson is a web consultant with an interest in Flower Delivery, who wants to Send Flowers with best value.

Technical Training

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