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Will There Be Wind Powered Cars in the Future

We all enjoy going to futuristic movies, which have all sorts of very cool technologies in these feature films for the Big Screen. We love to watch our favorite actors get into future type vehicles and drive away; cool beans indeed. Well the idea of a futuristic wind-powered car is certainly getting a little bit of boost from mainstream media and Hollywood these days and perhaps they have been reading our online think.

One reporter from the UK asks;."Do you see Wind Cars being used in the future?".Indeed, I can envision them in many forms, although somewhat do not see them as a current practical alternative to the reciprocating combustion engine due to modern gasoline engines and their immediate performance and quick to power band abilities.But it makes sense that the Wind Car is a possibility and an alternative, which will indeed challenge the minds of the greatest innovators if they choose to accept the mission. You see anyone can waste energy that take no brains at all. Using energy wisely is smart and takes more mental faculties and indeed those greatest intellectual competing minds will take up the greatest challenges, as that is an innate characteristic of competition and the human species.

So do you see a Wind-Powered SUV in your future or are you waiting for us to deliver one to you along with an engraved invitation? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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