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A+ Practice Test

15 Free A+ Practice Questions for the Core Hardware Exam
Question 1

Which of the following are valid processors (select 2)?

  1.  386SX 
  2.  386DX2 
  3.  386DX 
  4.  Cyrix 586

Question 2

True or False: An MCA bus supports PnP, bus mastering, & burst mode.

  1.  True 
  2.  False

Question 3

A low-level format received by a floppy disk does what?

  1.  Adds a root directory 
  2.  Includes a FAT (File Allocation Table) 
  3.  Stores 720K 
  4.  Creates a structure of sectors, tracks, & clusters.

Question 4

A 80Hz refresh rate indicates what?

  1.  That the screen will be redrawn 800 times per second. 
  2.  That the screen will be refreshed 80 times per minute. 
  3.  That the screen will be redrawn 80 times per second. 
  4.  None of the above

Question 5

A user is complaining of problems. You find that upon startup, the IBM machine give two beeps alerting you to a POST error. Error code 301 shows. What is wrong with this machine?

  1.  There is a monitor error. 
  2.  There is a keyboard error. 
  3.  This is not a POST error. Two beeps indicates a motherboard error. 
  4.  There is a serial card error.

Question 6

What is this an example of?

  1.  A 30-pin SIMM 
  2.  A 72-pin SIMM 
  3.  A 168-pin DIMM 
  4.  C-RIMM

Question 7

Your current network is performing poorly. More workstations need to be added and it's already very slow. It runs on 10Base2 and is suffering from signal bounce. Which of the following statements is true?

  1.  You are using a bus topology with a physical broken connection. 
  2.  You are using a ring topology and are missing a terminator. 
  3.  You are using a ring topology with too many workstations. 
  4.  You are using a bus topology with too many workstations and a missing terminator.

Question 8

Bridges are capable of which?

  1.  Expanding the length of a network segment. 
  2.  Acting as a firewall. 
  3.  Segmenting networks. 
  4.  Communication of computers on a LAN.

Question 9

Which is true of a female DB 15-pin video port?

  1.  It has 2 rows of 5 pinholes. 
  2.  It has 3 rows of 5 pinholes. 
  3.  It has one row of 8 pinholes and one row of 7 pinholes. 
  4.  It has one row of 6 pinholes and one row of 9 pinholes.

Question 10

You have just installed two hard drives into the same machine. One is set up as the slave and both are on the same IDE channel. You notice that the drive's LED light is constantly lit on the slave drive. What do you need to do to fix this?

  1.  Troubleshoot the slave drive by reconfiguring the slave to be the master, removing the original master drive, then rebooting.
  2.  Disable the secondary controller in the BIOS. 
  3.  Manually enter the drive settings on the BIOS. 
  4.  Install more memory.

Question 11

SVGA and Ultra VGA are two distinct video standards. True or False?

  1.  True. 
  2.  False.

Question 12

SVGA is represented by all of the following resolutions except:

  1.  1600 x 1200 
  2.  800 x 600
  3.  640 x 480 
  4.  1280 x 1024 

Question 13

Which is true of an Active Matrix LCD?

  1.  The LCD is divided into two halves. 
  2.  Each pixel is constantly refreshed. 
  3.  The pixels are fixed. 
  4.  It uses more electricity. 
  5.  None of the above.

Question 14

What are the correct stages and order of the EP laser printing process?

  1.  Cleaning, Writing, Conditioning, Developing, Fusing, Transferring, and End of Cycle 
  2.  Cleaning, Conditioning, Writing, Developing, Transferring, Fusing, & End of Cycle 
  3.  Erasing, Writing, Heating, Developing, Fusing, Transferring, & End of Cycle 
  4.  Conditioning, Erasing, Writing, Developing, Fusing, Transferring, & End of Cycle 

Question 15

Choose the correct associations (pick 2).

  1.  802.4 - Internetworking 
  2.  802.6 - Metropolitan area network 
  3.  802.9 - Integrated voice and data networks 
  4.  802. 11 - Token ring LAN

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