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Certification Training

10 Things You Should Know About IT Training
Remaining relevant in the competitive market of information technology can be difficult. Before you take a training or certification class to gain a competitive edge, read the "10 Things You Should Know About IT Training" by Jide Awe.

Certification Training Comparison
There are a lot of software training and practice test products on the market. Which one offers the features and pricing you want?

Training: Can You Afford It?
Decisions regarding certification training and which materials to buy can be tough. Get the scoop on the costs of different types of certification training, including books, videos, and classroom training.

Specialized SolutionsTraining Programs
Specialized Solutions offers custom computer based training (CBT), onsite instructor-led training, and online training for CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, and several other certification programs. Pricing is available by request.

User Review - SkillSoft Training
SkillSoft Ttraining offers online courses and owns SmartCertify Direct. Before purchasing SkillSoft products, be sure to read this review from an About.com reader.

Review: Transcender Study Guide
Before you purchase books, software, or training to help you get a computer certification, be sure to read this review of Transcender's study guides.

PrepLogic Audio Trainer Review
Is it true that you will learn more by listening than reading? PrepLogic now offers audio training on CD. Find out if this is the tool that will help you get certified.

SelfTest Software
SeflTest Software has reason to brag about their product. No amount of free practice questions culled from around the Web will prepare you for an exam as well as this reasonably priced software.

ExamForce CramMaster
Using Exam Cram content, this is a package that is hard to beat.

BenchMarque Examiner
Yet another contender in the field of practice tests. Find out where the BenchMarque Examiner stands.

CertSavvy's Test Simulator
With unlimited test question updates and a good price, this product is a definite contender.

MeasureUp Online Exams
This is a great way to practice for your exams. The interface is clean and easy to use and the pricing is not bad.

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