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PrepLogic Audio Trainer

The Bottom Line

You have no more excuses. The PrepLogic Audio Trainer is the most convenient way yet to study for your exams.

  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Quality practice questions
  • Must track your own progress


  • Contains about 70 questions on two CDs.
  • Navigation: intro on track 1, table of contents on 2, questions & answers on alternating tracks.
  • Replay tracks as needed; there is about a 10 sec. delay between the question & answer/explanation.
  • If you need to track your progress, keep paper and a pen handy.
  • The CDs play on any computer, .mp3 player, or CD player.
  • Many questions are scenario-based.
  • PrepLogic offers an excellent website. Go try before you buy and download a sample track.

Guide Review - PrepLogic Audio Trainer

This is the first audio trainer I have tried and I was impressed with the quality and surprised by how easy it was to remember the information. My first thought when I received it was that traditional practice tests would inevitably be easier to use and the material easier to retain. I was wrong; audio training is surprisingly effective. You must be able to concentrate so I don't know if I would recommend listening while driving, but I had no problem remembering key points. The only downside is the potential to memorize the questions as you study, as there is no way to randomize the order in which they are played.

The best feature by far is the ultimate convenience of having practice tests on CD. You can play them on any car or stereo CD player or download these to .mp3 and listen whenever and wherever. If you plan to track your progress and incorrect answers, be sure to keep paper and pen handy. None of the tracking and scoring features are available here as they are with the software trainers.

I gave this a 4-star review based on a couple of minor points. There are only 70 questions, which is decent for the price of $34, but more would be nice. There are no accompanying study materials and you will still need to buy a book to really cover all the material for the exam. The $34 buys you two CD's which cover the material for one exam. However, bundles are available that cover multiple exams and come with written study guides and start in the $80 range.

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