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Specialized Solutions is the world’s premier developer of multimedia based, interactive self-paced training programs for individuals, training centers and corporations. Our unique ability to develop high quality, cost effective and customized training solutions is unparalleled throughout the learning industry.
  Specialized Solutions Training Courses 
  Our computer-based and E-learning training solutions have identified and solved the training needs of thousands of individuals, corporations, government agencies and various academic sectors. Our corporate enterprise training solutions allow your employees to train, anywhere, anytime! Our training delivers expert-on-demand training with skill assessment, simulations, final exams as well as tracking and report capabilities. Take the Specialized Solutions training challenge and preview one of our technical IT, Safety, Developer or Business Skills courses now.
Specialized Solutions Online University 
Our E-learning curriculum is specifically designed with the busy professional in mind. All of our programs are produced using advanced learning concepts that encompass learning techniques that are designed for adult learning. E- learning is very popular today for a very good reason – It Works! People everywhere are discovering that they can fulfill their learning objectives conveniently (at their own pace, on their own time) and affordably (online classes start at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom training).

Our easy-to-use delivery format allows you to concentrate on the lesson at hand and not how to run the delivery software – saving you time and frustration. Our comprehensive course materials are delivered in an easy-to- understand format – allowing you to get the most out of your time online. The courses incorporate audio, video, and text training and then the total experience is reinforced with exercises and practice tests to ensure that you have really grasped the material.

Specialized Solutions Practice Exam Simulators  
  Specialized Solutions offers exam simulators for all technical certifications. Our exam simulators are the closest replication to the real exam! Exams are presented in a randomized, timed format. Our exam simulator will break down your test results just like the testing center by objective. It will also allow you to customize your testing options and only study the materials you feel need additional test preparation time.

Specialized Solutions e-books and certification preparation series.



  Specialized Solutions has authored a complete line of e-books to offer a complete training solution. Our courses include e-books for CompTIA, CISCO and Microsoft certifications  
Specialized Solutions “ThinkTank” Network Server Based Solution  
ThinkTank™ gives your company the training tools it needs to affordably train an entire workforce. ThinkTank™ is affordable, scalable and effective and answers all of your corporate training needs! The ThinkTank provides a common enterprise learning management system called Accutrac™ which enables you the administrator to track learning for thousands of employees. ThinkTank is your answer to corporate training!
ThinkTank™, from Specialized Solutions, Inc., gives companies the competitive advantage needed to stay ahead of the competition. ThinkTank™ is a complete and comprehensive training and learning management system delivering:

· Over 1000 on-demand course titles
· Up to 95% savings over individual courses
· All courses on one central server
· Directly connected to your computer network
· Including the Accutrac™ admin/student tracking software
· State-of-the-art PowerLearning System™ courses
· Unlimited perpetual license on all course titles

ThinkTank™ gives your company the training tools it needs to affordably train an entire workforce. Affordable, scalable and effective, ThinkTank™ answers all of your corporate training needs!

Accutrac™ includes over 50 preset reporting features allowing administrators to totally manage the entire learning process. Unequalled in the training industry, Accutrac™ gathers and presents the information needed to manage from one to virtually unlimited students, with ease, all at one time.

Specialized Solutions “Ask an Expert” Mentoring Service

Our exclusive “Ask an Expert” mentoring allows our learners to ask questions at any time, anywhere and receive a response from our experts within a very short period of time. Specialized Solutions is committed to YOUR training experience!

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