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Speed Reading

You may believe that speed reading is only for genius types. After all, you need to center on what you're reading if you hope to grasp what the text is trying to tell you. However, this is a misconception. Anyone can speed read; it's a skill that has to be acquired. Before you can begin to speed read, you should take a speed reading test to determine your reading speed level. You can find free speed reading tests online. This will help gauge how fast you can read at present and be the bench mark to see how far you've come. It is awe-inspiring when you view the results of both tests, before and after you've taken your speed reading course, to see that it is possible for you to become a speed reader; even if you thought it was impossible.

Speed Reading Education

You can learn how to speed read in a number of ways. Some prefer audio tapes that take you thought various tips and tricks of learning how to accelerate their reading. These audio tapes will generally come with booklets that include a speed reading test. Again, you should take it before and after you've completed the course so that you can see how well you're progressing.

You may also want to buy books on the subject. Many books can teach you how to speed read by also including tips and tricks. It may seem strange to buy a book on speed reading, even though you're not speed reading it at first, but soon you'll be cruising along page by page, reading a book in a fraction of the time it took before you started the course.

Speed Reading Instructor

One of the best ways to learn speed reading is to find a instructor who already speed reads and who is well versed in teaching others. This person is also someone that can give you a speed reading test, as you know it will be graded by someone else and not yourself; as is the case if you were to take a test via an audio tape or book. You can find speed reading teachers at your local library or you can look them up on the internet as well, either through the yellow pages directory or on free listing sites such as Craig's List.

Speed reading, again, is a skill you can learn. It doesn't take a genius, you do not have to have an oversized brain, you just have to learn how to skim the words quickly so that you can comprehend what is written. It takes concentration, a quick mind and you should take many speed reading tests so that you can gauge your progress every step of the way.

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