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Holographic Soldiers for Iraq Checkpoints

One of the most dangerous jobs right now in the United States Military is guarding the borders of Iraq. Your life expectancy if you do not stay 'heads up' is very low. It requires super human concentration and intuition, none of which is very easy when the weather is not cooperating, either too hot, too cold or dust storms. The soldier must be very alert at all times, follow protocol and you just never know when someone is out to do you in. Each day the soldiers live in fear that their number could be up in an instant, not knowing if it will happen to them, a friend of theirs or if today is that day.

I propose a new concept using the up and coming future advances in Holographic Technologies, which are getting closer to becoming reality we may soon be able to design a Holographic Soldier to stand at the check point so if someone tries to run him over, they can try all they want as you cannot kill a ghost or a mirage which is not there at all.I propose we put holographic projectors in the Humvees to display the 3D or 4D image of the Soldier in Virtual Reality, just like what Microsoft is planning with the next generation of our 360 X-Box Video Games in our living rooms.The system will run off the Humvee's extra alternator for juice and will not need the power grid, the Humvee will can drive up point it away from the road, park the vehicle, turn it on and the Border Patrol Soldier will do its job, along with sensors and cameras without risking his life. If there is a problem the Soldiers away from the area will open fire from a short distance away out of any blast range in case there is a car bomb. Think on this.


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By: Lance Winslow

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