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th Birthday Gift Experiences

Turning 40 years of age is a monumental occasion. For some people entering the 'middle-age' stage is exciting and highly anticipated, for others, it is pushed under the rug, avoided at all costs. Depending on the personality of the person with the upcoming birthday, you will want to make sure that you will not be showering them with special gifts if they feel only a simple card is sufficient enough to mark the occasion. For those people who feel that their 40th is an exciting time and would like to commemorate it with a party, a dinner, or just some friends visiting casually, a well-thought out gift will leave a great impression on the receiver. Rushing through buying a 40th birthday present will not give the outcome that you would like to have.

Be sure to examine your friend for any special interests, characteristics, or even hobbies. If you are unsure of any special personality traits that would personalize a 40th birthday present for your recipient, you can choose a generic, but specially made gift from any department store or through online websites. A couple of different items that would be favored by anyone are mint coin sets with all the coins in circulation from the year of their birth displayed in a commemorative display case, or a stamp collection with assorted stamps that were printed the birth year of your friend. These can show originality and have sentimental value since they are from the year of birth. If you could locate a copy of a local newspaper from the day the birthday receiver was born, is a highly interesting and unique 40th birthday present.

Some people favor music and would value a CD collection of music from the year they were born. These collections are somewhat difficult to find at a local music store, but can be ordered without much hassle or time delay. You can even place your order online if you wish. Television can also be a great way to look back nostalgically on a birth year and there are plenty of DVD and VHS gift sets that put together sitcoms, dramas, or historical documentaries from that time period.

This type of gift will typically need to be special ordered since they are not readily available in your local department store. For the avid reader, a special ordered Time Line book from the birth year is a fantastic way to look back on the year your friend was born, covering assorted subjects such as music, television, art and news. This 40th birthday present is sure to bring a smile to the face of your recipient when they relive old headlines and chart-topping hits. For those who feel that 'token gifts' are not well received or necessary, a planned, eventful day is a great way to spend time with a friend. A hot air balloon ride, a race car driving lesson, or even a 1st jump out of a parachute is a memorable experience for anyone on their 40th birthday.

Whichever route you choose when deciding on a 40th birthday present for someone you know, whether you know them well or as a casual acquaintance, there is a gift for everyone.

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