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Is an LPN to RN Degree the Impossible Dream

People who are considering joining the nursing field usually have to first decide if they want to become a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or a RN (Registered Nurse). A person can become and LPN in about ten months and get out into the work force much quicker than someone going for an RN degree. Many people make the decision to become an LPN for financial reasons. They want to get their nursing license quickly and start earning a living as soon as possible.

However, once they become a LPN they are often faced with extremely limited job choices and wish there was a way to go back to school to become an RN.

Working LPNs who are considering returning to college to obtain an Associate or Bachelors degree in nursing are confronted by several harsh realities. The first problem is that campus based nursing schools are facing a severe shortage of nursing educators and are turning away thousands of well qualified applicants each year. The lucky few who do manage to get accepted into traditional nursing programs commonly have to wait between one and two years before they can get a seat in class to begin their studies. Combine those factors with the fact that traditional school schedules are inflexible and make it next to impossible for a working nurse to continue their degree goals without giving up their present job and income and suddenly obtaining a better education seems like an impossible dream!


The internet now makes it possible for working LPNs to continue their education without long waiting time, and without sacrificing their present job and income while in school. LPNs have the opportunity to obtain an accredited RN or BSN degree online from the convenience of their home, on their schedule, at their own pace, and without ever needing to step foot into a classroom.

LPN to RN degrees obtained online from accredited colleges and universities are no different from degrees obtained on campus except for the obvious advantages they offer to working nurses; ability to start right away, ability to complete degree programs at an accelerated pace rather than be confined to the fixed schedules that campus programs demand, ability to attend leading universities regardless of where they live, and the ability to keep their present job and income while attending. In addition to those benefits online nursing degrees cost far less than traditional campus based nursing schools and many forms of financial assistance are readily available.

LPNs who get their RN degree gain an immediate salary increase of $13,000 or more, a larger knowledge base, expanded scope of practice, more autonomy, vastly superior career opportunities, job security, pride in accomplishment, and greater satisfaction in their day-to-day job. LPNs who obtain their RN degree frequently report that becoming an RN opened up a vast array of job opportunities that were previously unavailable to them as an LPN and this refreshed and renewed their nursing career as well as improved their home life since greater opportunities in their career helped reduce nursing burn out and workplace stress.


RN's deliver quality care, promote and manage patient care, supervise LPN's and assistive personnel, collaborate with other members of the health care team as professionals, and function as patient advocates. As an LPN there IS a way you can earn your RN degree from an accredited nursing school in as little as 12 months. You can learn at your own pace, at your own place, and for a fraction of the cost of traditional campus based programs, and you can keep your job and income while you do it. Discover how convenient and affordable earning your LPN to RN degree online can be.

Don't delay any longer. It's your future. It's your career. You can have a better tomorrow ? starting today.

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Sara Ellis RN, BSN has practiced nursing more than 20 years. Visit her online nursing education site to discover how to turn your LPN to RN degree dream into a reality today. The information is free. The benefit to your future is priceless. . .

By: Sara Ellis RN, BSN

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