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Making the Decision to Learn from Home

Although it has been a predominant form of education throughout history, many people consider homeschooling to be a new concept. They might be surprised to learn that our Founding Fathers were educated at home. A homeschool once only included the idea of parents assuming the responsibility of educating their own children.

Today, the modern homeschool has evolved to include the use of computers and other technically-advanced equipment that simulate the real classroom in a household setting. Online homeschools cater to the needs of elementary, junior high and high school students. Benefits of Homeschooling 1. Low Teacher-to-Student Ratio - With anywhere from 15 to 35 students in a class, teachers in a traditional classroom have limited time to give students one-on-one attention. When students are homeschooled, they have a greater chance of getting the individualized attention they need.

Teachers can focus on one student at a time. 2. Instant Feedback - When students participate in a homeschooling program, they can get immediate feedback regarding their assignments, quizzes and exams. Likewise, they can let their teachers know if they do not understand a concept or need extra help.

There is two-way communication. 3. Customized Curriculum - Homeschooling allows students to get an education that is tailored to their needs. For those students requiring extra help or needing additional challenges, they can participate in a homeschool curriculum that focuses on specific areas.

A customized curriculum also enables them to set their own pace. They can navigate a lesson as slow or quick as they choose. 4.

Less Distractions - Homeschooling programs enable students to solely focus on the task at hand. They can pay 100% attention to their studies, without any worries, social distractions or pressures of a regular school setting. When students learn at home, they can also schedule their classes to suit their schedule. 5. Time Management - At home, students can sit down and get right to work. There is no wait time before they can read a lesson or start an exercise.

They are no longer bound by a school schedule as a teacher performs role call, attends to another student or handles a discipline problem. 6. More Flexibility - Learning in a home environment enables students to have greater flexibility than in a traditional classroom. They can set their own schedule. If they want to study or take their tests at night, they have the freedom to do so. Families can take a vacation in the middle of the week, or use their kitchen for a chemistry lesson.

The possibilities are endless! Homeschooling provides people with an option to traditional educational methods. Whether students are homeschooled by their parents or take homeschooling online, they can be in charge of their education and make decisions about what is best for them. They have the freedom to create an education that is customized to their needs. It provides them with choices. For information on high school homeschooling or additional homeschool resources, please visit www.alliedhighschool.

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By: Heather Brunson

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