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Positives Of Distance Learning

The traditional academic environment offers structure, discipline, mentoring and a great social atmosphere for learning that distance learning cannot usually provide. But distance learning does have many positive aspects that as long as you work hard can be just as successful to learning as the more traditional approach. The first positive thing about distance learning is the cost. For a fraction of the cost of attending an academic or technical institution you can earn an online degree or certificate. Because the offering school or academy has little overhead to devote to distance learning, many offer degree granting programs that are one tenth of the cost of a regular college education.

The second positive thing about distance learning is the time involved in getting your degree or technical certification. In a normal college classroom it would take you up to four years to complete a course of study. With distance learning you set the speed at which you are able to learn and if you want to accelerate your program you just add more e-classes to your curriculum. Of course you can always choose to slow the pace down if you get busy at work or have a family emergency to deal with. Another positive thing about distance learning is location.

Just like in real estate, "Location, Location, Location, is a very important aspect of distance learning. That's because you choose your location to learn. You don't have to travel out of your community, out of state, or out of the country.

You don't even have to travel outside of your home. Pick a place inside your home and apartment and get to work on your distance learning program. The most important positive thing about distance learning is the opportunity that you give yourself to get that college degree that you have wanted all of your life. Like the ad says, that is priceless. It will open up a whole new world to improve your life and the lives of your family.

It may lead you into a whole new line of work, something that you have dreamed about forever. Distance learning can be the best and most positive gift you can give yourself, no matter how long you have been away from school. Other parts of your life, like raising your family or serving in the military have taken you away from that goal, but with distance learning you have really been given a second chance to realize your aspirations. Give yourself the gift today. .

By: Jeff Slokum

Technical Training

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