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Sensing Earthquakes with the Human Body and Mind

Animals seem to know prior to an Earthquake that something is wrong. More animals run away from home prior to Earthquakes than at any other time. One Earthquake researcher noticing his dogs behavior noticed this and now makes predictions based on the number of lost animal reports which he says can go up 20-fold days prior to a large Earthquake. We also saw during the Tsunami and Earthquake in Indonesia that all the animals knew something was up and headed for higher ground.Since humans, which have co-evolved around the animal kingdom surely they also possess these same skills to predict and detect Earthquakes prior to the event;.


Is it possible that the frequency pollution everywhere could hurt humans in their abilities to feel these sensations as most modern civilizations are surrounded by electronics, power poles, radio, microwaves, communication, cell towers, etc. Additionally more and more humans are relying upon devices, electronic toys, computers, radios, satellites and Television as on very observant think tank participant noted and thus as he states these electronic toyas would have an effect on our abilities.Could it be also that such innate human abilities are governed by the quote "Use it or Lose it" and if we have conditioned ourselves to believe we cannot detect them, then we would have fulfilled such a belief.Such observations, comments and points are very well taken. Now then there are still many who can feel these ultra-low frequency waves. I am one.

Indeed I have met others who can, although even those who claim they can often cannot. Of course some are more sensitive than others of course and could it be a matter of genetics, blood types and use of such senses to feel vibrational effects or even solar flare waves or any wave for that matter, which correspond to these other waves helping to cause rumblings in Mother Earth? Whatever is the case, if animals can pick these things up then so can we.There do appear to be ULF involved in pre-Earthquake events and humans have intuition as well, these two things should give us more than ample warning.http://www.seti.org/site/apps/nl/content2.


html.If we can make machines to do this, then obviously the waves exist and if animals can feel them, then so can we. I agree with those who have stated such recently in think tanks and find their findings and observations; Good stuff. "Indeed we may have forgotten more than we have ever learned." Lance 2001.

Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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