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Subdermal Skull Implants with GPS

Currently we see that many companies are working with RFID Implants and believe if we are to put them in humans we need to put them into the skull so they cannot be taken out. This would allow us to track bad guys, criminals, child molesters or even Iraqi civilian workers incase of kidnapping.Many Futurists have discussed such "Orwellian" potential eventualities along this line of thinking.

My thoughts are that, as societies grow larger and larger due to population that more rules will need to be made to keep peace. As the innate characteristics of the species will be exacerbated, as they are pushed under the carpet they will emerge in extremely bizarre ways and like volcanoes explode that pent up energy. Thus perhaps if everyone had them we could quickly catch criminals and deal with them and have a safer society.We know from rats that their behavior changes drastically when over populated in a tight environment.

We see more crime in cities when this occurs with humans and even locusts swarm. African tribes start killing each other. One Think Tanker suggested this might be a reality by 2030 and by his timetable we could have as many as lets say 15 Billion people on the planet. It is possible, although we are seeing a slowing of the hyperbolic curve of population growth of humans, it might be something that we as a civilization or World choose to do. Sacrifice our freedoms for such a 1984 approach to things.

It appears that this may become something we choose to do or it maybe something we choose not to do, as society, provided we still live in a democracy at that future date. A tiny active matrix device in the brain running off the vibrational energy of the pulse will be available very soon and it were put under the skull; few would attempt to remove it, so indeed the gentleman's premise of having implants of RFID MEMS by 2030 does hold up in Sci Fi theory and also in real terms of current technology. Think on this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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