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Syllabus for Digital and Analog Communications

Digital and Analog Communication IEE-217 E(CSE,IT) L: 3 T: 1 Class Work:50 Exam: 100 Total:150 Duration of Exam: 3 Hrs. Unit-1: Communication system components: Introduction to Communication: Definition & means of communications; Digital and analog signals: sign waves, square waves; Properties of signals: amplitude, frequency, phase; Theoretical basis for data communication: Fourier analysis: Fourier series and Fourier Transform (property, ESD, PSD and Raleigh) effect of limited bandwidth on digital signal. Unit-2: Data Transmission System: Physical connections: modulation, amplitude-, frequency-, phase- modulation; Data encoding: binary encoding (NRZ), Manchester encoding, differential Manchester encoding.

Transmission Media: Twisted pair-, co-axial-, fiber optic-cables, wireless media Transmission impairments: attenuation, limited bandwidth of the channels, delay distortion, noise, data rate of the channels (Nyquist theorem, Shannon limit). Physical layer interfaces:RS 232, X.21 Unit-3: Standards in data communications: Communication modes: simplex, half duplex, full duplex; Transmission modes: serial-, parallel-transmission; Synchronizations: Asynchronous-, synchronous-transmission; Type of services: connection oriented-, connectionless-services; Flow control: unrestricted simplex protocol, simplex stop- and -wait protocol, sliding window protocol; Switching systems: circuit switching; picketing switching: data gram , virtual circuits, permanent virtual circuits. Telephone Systems: PSTN, ISDN, asynchronous digital subscriber line.

Multiplexing: frequency division-, time-, wave- division multiplexing Unit-4: Security in data communications: Transmission errors: feedback-, forward-error control approaches; Error detection; Parity check, block sum check, frame check sequences; Error correction: hamming codes, cyclic redundancy check; Data encryption: secret key cryptography, public key cryptograph; Data compression: run length encoding, Huffman encoding. Text Book: · Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems Halsall Fred, (4th editon) 2000, Addison Wesley, Low Price edition Reference Books: · Business Data Communications, Fitzgerald Jerry, 7th Ed. New York, 2001, JW&S, · Communication Systems, 4th Edi, by A. Bruce Carlson, Paul B. Crilly, Janet C. Rutledge, 2002, TMH.

· Data Communications, Computer Networks and Open Systems, Halsall Fred, 1996, AW. · Digital Communications, J.G. Proakiss, 4th Ed., MGH · Satellite Communication, Pratt, John Wiley · Data & Computer Communications, W.

Stallings PHI · Digital & Data Communication systems, Roden 1992, PHI, · Introduction to Digital & Data Communications, Miller Jaico Pub. · Data Communications and Networking, Behrouz A. Forouzan, 2003, 2nd Edition, T.M.H Note: Eight questions will be set in all by the examiners taking at least one question from each unit. Students will be required to attempt five questions in all.


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