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There May Not Be Existing Life On Mars

Many believe that there may not be existing life on Mars and many religious folks are quite happy to hear such talk, as they can continue to live their life with their belief systems in place without disruption? Yet, who really cares to subject science to such baloney? We shouldn't look too hard to find life, as not to hurt anyone's feelings? What kind of crap is that?.Recently in an online think tank, a gentleman came forth and stated: "There may not be any existing life on Mars." Indeed he maybe correct perhaps, but it there was life, then there is life still in some form.

In any case this assertion and comment was challenged immediately by another think tanker who said:."You state that there may not be existing life on Mars? I say that entirely depends on how you classify life and it also leads one to believe that you rely on such little information of one spot on the surface of the Planet, which we have gotten close enough to look at in a personal way. I agree that trapped water under the surface would be a place for life, as we find life on our own planet underground, in caves and sealed off eco-systems or trapped in ice and rock. That would makes sense of course, if we were truly looking hard enough for it.".Indeed, other worlds will have different possibilities for life and different sets of circumstances.

In continuing this debate the first gentleman added to the comments that there may not be existing life on mars and stated; "I suspect that there aren't any other forms of life in our Solar System, for the fact that it seems the balance of all 9 planets are required to sustain our race alone.".But again this was countered by still another think tanker who stated: "That seems like a far-fetched conclusion to me. But you are entitled to your opinion, as the proof of life has not yet been discovered and/or announced to the general populous.

".Now then this brings me to my next question as the observer of the activities of this online think tank and that is; What do you think about life on Mars? Do you think there is life there now? Do you believe there was life once? Tell us your thoughts, if you have none yet on this subject, then think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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