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Whether you are new to the idea of certification or certifications training, or are an old pro, this site is designed to point you to the information you need. You will find certifications training and exam resources, books, articles, and news pertaining to the certification you are pursuing.

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A+ Core Hardware Practice Test - 15 Questions
CCNA - 10 Questions (from CertSavvy)
A+ Core Hardware Service Technician Study Guide (exam 220-201)
A+ Operating Systems Technologies Study Guide (exam 220-202)
i-Net+ Certification Study Guide
(exam IK0-001)

Our computer-based and E-learning training solutions have identified and solved the training needs of thousands of individuals, corporations, government agencies and various academic sectors. Our corporate enterprise training solutions allow your employees to train, anywhere, anytime! Our training delivers expert-on-demand training with skill assessment, simulations, final exams as well as tracking and report capabilities. Take the Specialized Solutions training challenge and preview one of our technical IT, Safety, Developer or Business Skills courses now.

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Certifications Training

10 Things You Should Know About IT Training
Remaining relevant in the competitive market of information technology can be difficult. Before you take a training or certification class to gain a competitive edge, read the "10 Things You Should Know About IT Training" by Jide Awe.

Certification Training Comparison
There are a lot of software training and practice test products on the market. Which one offers the features and pricing you want?

Training: Can You Afford It?
Decisions regarding certification training and which materials to buy can be tough. Get the scoop on the costs of different types of certification training, including books, videos, and classroom training.

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Holographic Soldiers for Iraq Checkpoints - One of the most dangerous jobs right now in the United States Military is guarding the borders of Iraq.

Get well gift baskets - Exchanging gift baskets have emerged to be a very popular practice in the western countries especially in the recent times.


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